Verse Daily: Orpheus in Therapy    


Beloit Poetry Review, Living in the Candy Store


Laughing Hermit Reading Series:  Letter from Bernard Malamud


McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Sestina, The Seven Signs  


Slant: Dysfunctional Batch, from 13(13 X 13)13


Krityka: O Anandziu, the bird flew away


The Scream Online:  Beginning with a Line from Zbigniew Herbert    (scroll halfway down)


Philadelphia Stories: Fishtown Betrayals



                                      Fiction and Criticism/Reviews


Per Contra: Engorged     


Artful Dodge: Contemporary Polish-American Poetry  


Sarmation Review:  Polish Solidarity and Poetry



                                      Translations from Polish


             Cortland Review: Impenetrable Grotto: after the Polish of Szymon Zimorowic     

            Electronic Poetry Review: 2 poems by Szymon Zimorowic   

            Artful Dodge: Poets as Translators, translations from Joan Kochanowski’s Treny       

            The Drunken Boat:  Bells in Winter, Czeslaw Milosz